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Ningbo Beiya Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is a professional

China electric hair clipper Manufacturers and wholesale barber hair clipper suppliers

, mainly specialize in manufacturing type of electric clipper, lady epilator, barber scissors tool series of small household electrical appliances. Ningbo Beiya with seven thousand years of Hemudu Site culture in Yangtze River Delta, the most dynamic in Zhejiang Province, Yuyao City, adjacent to the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, South Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, from the Ningbo International Airport only one hour by car, the traffic is very convenient.
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Ingenuity to reach elegant enjoyment

Appearance design

We have an excellent team of designers, and thanks to our dedicated design and R&D team, we continue to obtain product appearance patents every year.

Mold development

We have a large number of in-house tooling, rather than outsourcing, giving your products originality and versatility.

PCB design

We can realize circuit board design through design standardization and standardization to meet your requirements for product performance.

ODM/OEM Individual Customization

  • Appearance Design

    Staffed with in-house specialized designers, your style concepts will be turned into reality.

  • Mold Development

    We can develop molds independently to provide strong support for your product or idea.

  • PCB Design

    We have professional circuit board design to improve product quality and performance.

  • High Quality

    We adhere to high standards for every factor of production.

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