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When choosing a beard trimmer, there are a few features to consider.

When choosing a beard trimmer, there are a few features to consider.

Choosing a Beard Trimmer
When choosing a beard trimmer, there are a few features to consider. One important feature is the weight of the trimmer. While stainless-steel trimmers may look fancier, they are usually lighter and easier to handle. If you're not too particular about the design of the beard trimmer, you can opt for a plastic one.
The power of the trimmer is another important consideration. A trimmer with more power will cut through the hairs faster. Also, it must be able to charge for months. This can be the main factor in determining its efficiency. For this reason, you should look for a cordless model. Ideally, the trimmer should have a battery life of at least six months.
Purchasing a trimmer that will suit your needs is essential if you want a stylish beard. This beard trimmer is a great choice for beginners. This multi-function trimmer is also waterproof. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, you can also look for a Panasonic beard trimmer.
Another feature you need to consider is length adjustment. While some trimmers offer only one length setting, others can adjust by up to ninety percent. This feature allows you to find the perfect length for you. Moreover, many trimmers are easy to clean and don't require any tools to sharpen the blades. Aside from that, it also features a travel lock which is an added bonus. The Wahl Lithium Ion+ also features a travel lock.
A cordless trimmer is also more convenient and comes with long battery life. Almost every model of trimmer will list the amount of time it can last between a battery charge. Moreover, most of these trimmers will come with guards that help in trimming your beard. In addition, they also come with exposed blades, which is helpful for creating an outline. This feature is convenient for barbers and allows you to reach sensitive areas of the beard.
Some models come with a small comb and a brush. The comb helps you with trimming your beard, and helps you determine how much you need to trim. It also serves as a length guide. The brush can also be useful for cleaning the blades. Most models of trimmers also come with a lever that allows you to adjust the blades.
Despite the various advantages of a trimmer, it's important to consider the safety and hygiene of the device. First time users should always use a clean beard trimmer, and clean the blade after every use. In addition, lubrication and softening the skin are essential to prevent irritation.
It's important to choose a beard trimmer that offers the most precision and ease of use. A weak motor may result in painful trimming, which makes it important to purchase a trimmer with a powerful motor and sharp blades. A few brands that have strong motors and blades are Wahl, Andis, and Philips Norelco.


BY803 High quality 3-in-1 detachable stainless blade  
Environmentally high-performance Lithium battery
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 3 guide combs (1,2,3mm)
 Cord & Cordless use
 Accessories: 3*guide combs,1*clean brush, 1*oil,1* USB cord
 LED display

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