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Durable Cordless Household Hair Clipper

Durable Cordless Household Hair Clipper


280 motor, 600mA Ni-mh battery, 5V,300mAh switch power, working time is greater than or equal to 40 minutes, charging for 8 hours


BY-606 High quality stainless blades 
Environmentally high-performance rechargeable battery
Rated input: 100-240V, 50Hz / 60Hz 
Rated output: 5V,300mAh switch power or USB (self-provided 5V 1A charging head)
8 hours charging time, 45min run time
Side moving-blade adjustable lever which can adjust blade cutting length of 0,1,2mm
2 guide combs (one for 3,4,5,6mm, one for 9,10,11,12mm)
Accessories:2* guide combs,1*clean brush, 1*oil, 1*adaptor or USB
Cordless use only
Indicator light displayed while working & charging

Ningbo Beiya Electrical Appliance Co.Ltd

The company is engaged in the beauty industry, is a professional production and operation of the electric clipper, lady epilator, barber scissors tool series of small household electrical appliances enterprises, comprehensive strength design, development, manufacturing as a whole, the company has professional manufacturing technology, all kinds of advanced production equipment and service customer service good, dedicated service. We are leading custom Durable Cordless Household Hair Clipper suppliers and company. The spirit of "quality of survival", "science and technology, innovation, credibility and development services" products business philosophy, adhere to the first-class products to return the old and new customers to the Beja people's trust and support, welcome domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate, and coexistence, Tongchuang brilliant! We can export and OEM/ODM Durable Cordless Household Hair Clipper.

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